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Our guarantee to you

We recognize that a journey to Africa is a significant commitment, and it’s crucial for you to trust the company facilitating your adventure. At Sovereign Safaris, we are part of a distinguished family of travel companies with a legacy dating back to 2010. As an independently-owned and thriving entity, we pride ourselves on a solid track record of reliability and stability.
Our commitment to you is twofold:

Sovereign Safaris' Assurance of Confidence

In these challenging economic times, we maintain our longstanding commitment to fairness. Here’s what this means for you:

    • No Currency Surcharges: Once you’ve booked with us, your price is guaranteed, regardless of any fluctuations in exchange rates before your trip.
    • Principal Accountability: When you book with Sovereign Safaris, you’re dealing directly with us. We’re not just a broker; we take full responsibility for every aspect of your journey.
    • Unbiased Advice: Our recommendations are based on personal experiences, not commissions. We provide honest, objective advice to help you choose the best options for your trip.
    • Complete Peace of Mind: All our trips are fully bonded, securing your holiday plans and finances even in the unlikely event that our company faces difficulties.
    • Owner-Run and Independent: As an owner-run and wholly independent business, we are dedicated to offering you top-notch service and reliable guidance.

Our Financial Protection: Your Peace of Mind

We offer the highest level of financial protection available in the travel industry: Sovereign Safaris provides a 100% financial guarantee for everyone who books a holiday with us. All our holidays meet the stringent bonding requirements set by the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Kenya, under which we are fully licensed and verified.

Each holiday booked with us falls into one of three situations:

1) A full package holiday

A package that doesn’t include international flights typically consists of accommodations and other ground arrangements, with travelers arranging their own flights. 

However, rest assured that Sovereign Safaris is fully bonded for all such “non-licenseable” packages through a scheme overseen by the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Kenya, a government-licensed body that certifies financial protection. So, in the exceedingly unlikely event of Sovereign Safaris’ failure, any suppliers who haven’t been paid for ongoing holidays will be reimbursed by the TRA. Travelers can continue their holidays as planned, and the TRA will refund any travelers who have paid for a holiday but couldn’t proceed due to the failure.

It’s important to note that reimbursement only covers the elements of the holiday booked through Sovereign Safaris. Any elements booked directly by the traveler are not covered under this scheme.

2) Accommodation only

Sovereign Safaris extends its financial guarantee to bookings for accommodation only, even though this isn’t legally required. 

Similarly to our package deals, Sovereign Safaris ensures full coverage for accommodation-only bookings through a scheme overseen by the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Kenya. So, in the very unlikely event of Sovereign Safaris’ failure, the TRA will settle payments directly with accommodation providers, ensuring they are fully protected as if it were a complete package booking.

Just like with package protection, this coverage does not extend to elements of the trip booked directly by the traveler.

In essence, Sovereign Safaris safeguards the bookings of all its travelers, ensuring these are fully protected in the very unlikely event of the company failing.

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